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Alderman Argues Before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

On December 1, 2014, managing attorney Kimberly Alderman argued before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago on behalf of defendant-appellants in Bank of America v. Dawn Martinson. The primary issue in the case was whether Bank of America produced the appropriate documentation to justify a foreclosure. While there is no video of the […]

How Do I Appeal a Wisconsin Judgment of Foreclosure?

A judgment of foreclosure is a final judgment within the meaning of Wis. Stat. § 808.03(1), which allows parties to appeal final judgments and orders as a matter of right. According to Wisconsin case law, “Judgment of foreclosure and sale is final judgment appealable as of right which must be appealed within time prescribed by […]

Managing Attorney Alderman Authors Book Covering Foreclosure Appeals

Kimberly Alderman, managing attorney of the Alderman Law Firm, has authored an e-book called Foreclosure Defense: Litigation Strategies and Appeals. The description of the book explains: Foreclosure Defense: Litigation Strategies and Appeals is a nuts and bolts primer on foreclosure defense. It is an easy to read explanation of the various defenses raised in foreclosure […]

NBI Announces Kimberly Alderman as Speaker on Foreclosure Appeals

The National Business Institute (NBI) has recently announced that the Alderman Law Firm’s managing attorney Kimberly Alderman will be a primary speaker at NBI’s Foreclosure, Short Sale and Loan Modification Compliance Update 2014. Attorney Alderman will give a 90-minute presentation titled, Foreclosure Litigation: Defense Strategies and Appeals. Foreclosure Litigation: Defense Strategies and Appeals will provide […]

Can You Appeal a Judgment of Foreclosure in Wisconsin?

The short answer is yes. When a court rules against a homeowner in a foreclosure case, it issues a judgment of foreclose. In Wisconsin, a judgment of foreclosure is considered to be a final judgment. This is significant because, pursuant to Wisconsin States Section 808.03(1), a final judgment may be appealed as a matter of […]

Will Appealing a Judgment of Foreclosure Delay the Sheriff Sale?

As is the case with many a legal question, the answer is “Maybe.” You may appeal as a matter of right on foreclosure judgments. That means that the Court of Appeals will definitely hear your appeal (in other cases, you have to ask permission to appeal, but not in the case of foreclosure judgments). However, […]