Can You Appeal a Judgment of Foreclosure in Wisconsin?

The short answer is yes.

When a court rules against a homeowner in a foreclosure case, it issues a judgment of foreclose. In Wisconsin, a judgment of foreclosure is considered to be a final judgment. This is significant because, pursuant to Wisconsin States Section 808.03(1), a final judgment may be appealed as a matter of right to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. This means that if the court rules against you in a foreclosure case, you are guaranteed the right to appeal.

The first step in appealing a judgment of foreclosure is to file a notice of appeal in Circuit Court. There are strict deadlines for filing the notice of appeal under 808.04(1).  If the Circuit Court gave you a written notice of entry of the judgment, which it does in almost every case, then you must file the notice of appeal within 45 days of the judgment. If the court did not give you a written notice of entry of the judgment, the deadline is extended to 90 days. It is very important to complete this first step on time, because if you do not file a notice of appeal on time, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals will not have the jurisdiction to hear your case, and you would lose your right to foreclosure.

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