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Kimberly Alderman, JD, MA

Founding and Managing Attorney

Kimberly Alderman (Penix), a distinguished graduate of Howard University School of Law, earned top honors in her class and embarked on a remarkable legal career. After serving as a judicial clerk in the US Virgin Islands, she was an accomplished associate attorney in a prestigious civil litigation firm, where she represented clients in state and federal courts. From there, she joined the faculty at the University of Wisconsin Law School, teaching criminal appellate litigation and civil practice skills.

With contributions to academia and recognized expertise, Attorney Alderman is a sought-after authority. Her impactful publications and nationwide speaking engagements, including features in BBC and NPR, showcase her influence. Since opening the Alderman Law Firm, Attorney Alderman specializes in post-conviction litigation and appeals, bringing a unique blend of academic insight and practical experience as a trusted advocate and thought leader in the legal community.

Chelsey Bradley, JD, BBA, MFA

Senior Attorney

Chelsey Bradley is a highly accomplished attorney with a strong academic background and diverse legal experience. She has served in the Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons Project, the Dane County Small Claims Assistance Project, and as senior articles editor for the Wisconsin International Law Journal. Having clerked for the Honorable Chief Judge William Conley in the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, she focused on complex civil litigation.

Attorney Bradley’s commitment to justice and advocacy is unparalleled. Her dynamic combination of academic excellence, legal prowess, and community engagement sets her apart as a valuable asset in the legal field. As a senior attorney with the Alderman Law Firm, she offers her expertise and acumen in both civil and criminal appeals.


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