What Color Should My Appellate Brief Cover Be?

Most Courts of Appeals have strict rules concerning the color of appellate brief covers. Although briefs filed with the wrong color cover may still be filed, the court may also decide to return the brief for correction. If you are filing your brief close to the deadline, a returned brief may have damaging consequences.

For briefs filed in federal court, the required cover colors are as follows:

(1) Appellant’s Brief: Blue

(2) Appellee’s Brief: Red

(3) Intervenor’s or Amicus Curiae’s Brief: Green

(4) Reply Brief: Grey

(5) Supplemental Brief: Tan

For appeals within state courts, the requirements will vary depending on the rules of the particular court. For example, the requirements for Wisconsin appellate briefs mirror those of federal court. In Colorado, however, all brief covers must be white.

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