How Can I Change My Address With The Court of Appeals

When you relocate while your appeal is still pending, it is important to change your address on file with the responsible court. This is imperative if you are representing yourself (i.e. if you are a pro se litigant). While most governmental institutions accept change of address information over the phone, the process for changing your address with a court will often be more involved.

For federal cases, there are two ways via which you can change your address. If you are signed up for e-filing, you must update your address through the “Appellate Account Maintenance” page in PACER. If you are exempt from e-filing on your case, you will need to send a letter to the clerk of court with the details of your address change.

The address change policies for state courts, of course, will vary depending on the court itself. The Wisconsin and Colorado Courts of Appeal only accept address change notifications in writing. An address change letter should include (1) your old address, (2) your new address, (3) the date of your relocation, and (4) the case number of all current cases.

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