Wisconsin Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Act 10 Appeal

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has announced it will hear oral arguments in Madison Teachers, Inc. v. Scott Walker, 12AP2067, on Monday, November 11, 2013. This case was sent up by certification from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals because of “its sweeping statewide effect on public employers, public employees, and taxpayers and because of the need to clarify and develop law relating to associational rights and the home-rule authority of municipalities.” The Supreme Court is expected to clarify the effect of the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill, which will hopefully help resolve other pending Act 10 cases.

Steven Kilpatrick is representing the State-appellant on appeal and Lester Pines is representing the respondents Madison Teachers. You can get up to speed by reading the appellate filings, including a number of amicus briefs, by clicking here.

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