WILMIC Announces Attorney Kimberly Alderman as Keynote Speaker

The Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company (WILMIC) has recently announced that the Alderman Law Firm’s managing attorney Kimberly Alderman will be the keynote speaker at WILMIC’s 2013 Summer Seminar, “The New Normal: Building a Law Practice in Today’s Economy.”

Attorney Alderman will lead a 75-minute session titled, The Logistics of Success: Using Systems to Create a Profitable and Rewarding Law Practice.

The Logistics of Success will focus on the use of systems in the context of starting and running a solo or small law firm. It will explore skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time and accomplish specific tasks, projects and goals, all with solo and small firm legal practitioners in mind.

The program will cover a variety of subjects relevant to solo and small firm attorneys, including administration, marketing, client relations, case management, skill development, and work/life balance. Within each of these broader subjects, The Logistics of Success will explore what specific systems are available to aid attorneys in making their practices profitable, rewarding, and efficient.

In some areas, the use of systems will be more obvious, such as with conflict checks and client invoicing. Conceptualizing other areas as still within the realm of systems may be unexpected, but illuminating. Even compassion, for instance, can be systematized. As can managing relationships with clients, staff, and other attorneys.

This session will integrate presentation and audience exercises in order to foster collaboration and idea generation. Audience members will be encouraged to brainstorm and think broadly about their practices – the ones they have and the ones they want. The session will be structured to facilitate the goal of helping all participants leave with clear, approachable ideas for next actions that will improve their practice of law, whether well underway or just beginning.

The second half of the program will be a panel discussion with seasoned practitioners. Attorney Alderman will join panelists Gary Bakke, Johanna Kirk and Tom Schumacher to discuss client communication, networking and client outreach, lawyer and client mobility, legal blogging, law firm structure, effectively serving clients, and business models that work in today’s economy.

The conference will take place on July 12, 2013, from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon at the Kalahari Resort & Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells.