What is the Expedited Appeals Program?

Under Wis. Stat. 809.17(1), Wisconsin Appellate Courts are permitted to develop programs for expediting appellate-level cases as they see fit, in order to “minimize appellate delay and reduce [their] backlog[s].” Taking advantage of this allowance, the Wisconsin Appellate Courts have developed the Expedited Appeals Program.

Simply put, cases in the Expedited Appeals Program move through the appellate process more quickly than regular appeals. This fast pace is fostered by relaxed briefing requirements and shortened brief filing deadlines. Notably, the State Bar of Wisconsin has reported that some expedited appeals cases have been concluded in half the time of a “normal” appeal.

The Wisconsin Expedited Appeals Program is beneficial for those who want their case to move quickly through the appellate system. The informal briefing process is further beneficial for litigants who are concerned about mounting legal fees, as shorter documents often necessitate less billable hours.

The kind, as well as number, of issues a case presents determines the eligibility of that case for the Expedited Appeals Program. Criminal cases, for example, are not eligible. Moreover, litigants must be represented by an attorney, and argue less than three issues. All parties to an action must consent to the expedited appeals program.

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals provides procedures for expedited appeals online. If you have more questions about the expedited appeals program, or your appellate case in general, contact the Alderman law Firm today for your free consultation by calling 720-588-3529 (CO) or 608-620-3529 (WI).

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