I Lost in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, What Now?


A loss in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals does not have to spell the end of your case. If you are unhappy with the result of your case in the Court of Appeals, you may continue by seeking justice in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Unlike the Court of Appeals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is not required to hear your case. Rather, you are filing a Petition for Writ of Review — this is essentially asking permission to file an appeal at the Supreme Court level.

It is not common for the Wisconsin Supreme Court to grant that permission to appeal from a Court of Appeals order. Of the 346 Petitions for Feview  filed during the 2012-2013 term, the Wisconsin Supreme Court chose to hear only 29. This is a review rate of only 8%.

If you’d like the Wisconsin Supreme Court to consider reviewing the appellate-level outcome reached in your case, you must file a Petition for Review within 30 days after the appellate decision is reached in your case. This deadline cannot be moved or extended, and Petitions to Review must set out the argument that you will make if the Petition is granted. Due to the short deadline and complexity of a Petition for Review, it is important you consult with an appeals lawyer as soon as you think you might want to go to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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