How Much Does an Appeal Cost?

Many people considering whether to appeal the final decision in a civil or criminal case wonder just how much an appeal will cost them. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question.

The cost of an appeal will be different for each case, because it depends on several different factors. These factors include the facts of the case, the length and complexity of the previous proceedings, and the goal of the appeal. The full price of an appeal will comprise “costs,” which are paid to the court, and legal fees, which are paid to your appellate attorney.

Below are some of the costs that the person filing the appeal (“Appellant”) must cover:

  • Filing Fee: Currently $195
  • Reporter’s Transcripts of all Hearings: Between $1 and $3 per page
  • Copies of all Circuit Court Case Documents: Between $1 and $3 per page
  • Attorney’s Fees: Varies

Most appellate attorneys work on an hourly basis although some also offer flat fee agreements. The Alderman Law Firm is pleased to offer various rate packages depending on the needs of each client. To speak with an experienced professional about your appeal, contact the Alderman law Firm today for your free consultation by calling 720-588-3529 (CO) or 608-620-3529 (WI).

Author Chelsey Dahm is an associate attorney at Alderman Law Firm. You can learn more about her expertise here.

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