What is the Expedited Appeals Program?

Under Wis. Stat. 809.17(1), Wisconsin Appellate Courts are permitted to develop programs for expediting appellate-level cases as they see fit, in order to “minimize appellate delay and reduce [their] backlog[s].” Taking advantage of this allowance, the Wisconsin Appellate Courts have developed the Expedited Appeals Program. Simply put, cases in the Expedited Appeals Program move through […]

Will the Court Extend Statutory Deadlines During My Appeal?

Wisconsin statutes provide strict deadlines for filing documents and taking other actions throughout the appellate process. For instance, an appellant must file his brief and appendix within 40 days of the filing in the court of the record on appeal. Wis. Stat. 809.19(1). By filing a motion for extension of time, a party requests that […]

Can I Ask to be Released From Jail While My Appeal is Pending?

Yes. Wisconsin law provides that, under certain circumstances, defendants convicted of both felony and misdemeanor offenses may be released on bond pending the results of their appeal. According to Wisconsin Statute § 809.3: [quote](3) Release may be granted if the court finds that: (a) There is no substantial risk the appellant will not appear to answer […]

Can You Reopen a Wisconsin Small Claims Case After Default Judgment or Dismissal?

Probably, depending on how much time has elapsed. When a defendant or plaintiff in a small claims case fails to follow certain court rules, the court may issue a default judgment against the defendant or dismiss the plaintiff’s case. This commonly happens when one of the parties fails to appear for a court hearing.  Whether […]