Can I Appeal a Car Accident Report in Wisconsin?

Car accident reports are vital for successful car insurance claims, as well as lawsuits stemming from an accident. It is therefore important that police reports detailing car accidents contain correct information. Unfortunately, however, police reports often omit important details. Moreover, some of the details that are included in these reports are simply wrong.

Because a car accident report is not entered by a judge, it cannot be appealed in a Wisconsin court of law. However, you may go to the police station and request that the officer who prepared the report amend it to more accurately reflect the incident. This will be difficult to accomplish if the officer does not agree with you, however, because your version of the accident is based on your perception, which is difficult to prove.

If you cannot convince the officer to amend the report, you may write up your perception of the accident and request that it be attached to the police report. Keep in mind that it is entirely within the police department’s discretion whether and how to amend any reports.