Post-Conviction Advocacy in Colorado:
Unwavering Support from Alderman Law Firm

At Alderman Law Firm, we recognize that the legal journey doesn’t end with a conviction or even the denial of a direct appeal. Our dedicated team of legal professionals, led by seasoned Colorado appellate attorneys, is here to provide unwavering support and strategic representation to navigate the complexities of post-conviction advocacy in Colorado.

Understanding Post-Conviction Proceedings:

Post-conviction proceedings offer a legal avenue for individuals to challenge their convictions or sentences after the trial, and often the direct appeal, have concluded. Whether you believe there were errors during the trial, new evidence has emerged, or your constitutional rights were violated, our team at Alderman Law Firm, with expertise as Colorado appellate attorneys, is well-versed in post-conviction advocacy to explore all available options.

Rule 35 Considerations in Colorado:

In Colorado criminal proceedings, Rule 35(b) allows for the reduction of a sentence within 126 days of the original sentence, provided certain criteria are met. Additionally, Rule 35(b) permits a defendant to file a motion for a reduced sentence based on substantial assistance to the prosecution.

Rule 35(c) provides an avenue for post-conviction relief, allowing individuals to raise constitutional claims or issues that may have affected their conviction. Rule 35(c) is also the vehicle through which a criminal defendant may allege ineffective assistance of counsel at the trial level.

Alderman Law Firm, with its team of seasoned Colorado appellate attorneys, is well-versed in Rule 35 proceedings, and will thorough assess whether your case qualifies for relief under this Rule. Our attorneys will explore all avenues to secure the most favorable outcome for you.

Probation Revocation Appeals:

If you wish to challenge a probation revocation, it’s crucial to have experienced legal representation. Alderman Law Firm specializes in handling probation revocation appeals, working diligently to preserve your rights. Our Colorado appellate attorneys understand the complexities of probation revocation appeals and will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Parole Advocacy:

For those seeking parole or facing parole-related challenges, Alderman Law Firm provides skilled advocacy with the support of our Colorado appellate attorneys to navigate the parole process. Whether you are preparing for a parole hearing or addressing issues related to parole violations, our attorneys have the expertise to guide you through the complexities of parole proceedings.

Pardons and Clemency:

Alderman Law Firm, led by experienced Colorado appellate attorneys, also assists clients in seeking pardons and clemency. If you believe you are deserving of a pardon or clemency due to changed circumstances or other compelling reasons, our team will work with you to present a persuasive case. We understand the importance of these requests and will advocate tirelessly on your behalf.

Comprehensive Post-Conviction Representation:

Alderman Law Firm, with its team of Colorado appellate attorneys, is dedicated to providing comprehensive post-conviction representation tailored to your unique circumstances. Our skilled attorneys will guide you through post-conviction proceedings, keeping you informed at every stage. We understand the importance of your case, and with the support of our Colorado appellate attorneys, we will tirelessly pursue every available legal avenue to challenge the conviction, mitigate the sentence, or secure post-conviction relief.

If you are facing probation or parole issues, or considering Rule 35 proceedings in Colorado, Alderman Law Firm, with its team of trusted Colorado appellate attorneys, is here to stand by your side. Contact us today at 720-588-3529 for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case and explore the possibilities for post-conviction relief. Your future deserves the dedicated representation we offer at Alderman Law Firm.