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Alderman Law Firm Wins Appeal to Save Historic Monument

Posted by Chelsey Bradley - May 10, 2021 - Appeals, Civil Appeals, Constitutional Issues, Historic Issues, Uncategorized

Last week, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals overturned a circuit court order that would have allowed demolition of the historic Sisters of Holy Nativity Convent.

On appeal, Attorney Kimberly Penix argued the circuit court’s decision allowing for the demolition was erroneous because, in relevant part, the owner of the Convent attempted to comply with a raze or repair order issued by the City of Fond du Lac. If the City still intended to seek demolition of the building following the repairs, it should have sought a new raze or repair order.

This matter will resume in the circuit court, where the fate of the historic monument will be decided.

For the rest of the story, please see the FLD reporter at Fond du Lac Holy Nativity Convent: Appeals court upholds challenge (

Alderman Law Firm Fights City on Demolition of Historic Monument

Posted by Kimberly Penix - August 27, 2020 - Appeals, Civil Appeals, Historic Issues

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 8.17.46 PM“Fate of Sisters of the Holy Nativity Convent in hands of appeals court

A brief filed Friday with Wisconsin Court of Appeals by legal counsel for the owner of Sisters of the Holy Nativity Convent [Alderman Law Firm] asks that the property be saved from the city of Fond du Lac’s demolition order. . .

“Our national historic monuments should be preserved, not destroyed and, especially given the current pandemic, there is no better use for the property than to allow time for repair,” [Attorney] Penix said. “Panoussis hopes that the city will not be able to scrape away history and replace the nativity with a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and turns to the Court of Appeals in hopes of support for his efforts and our collective past.””

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